Replacement hard drive for Pavilion n5425

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I would like to replace the hard drive on this laptop. What
considerations do I need to take into account when selecting a
replacement? I know there is a 20 gig hard drive inside now. I can't
tell what brand. Are there standards for laptop hard drives. In other
words, can I put a Seagate brand in there if I pull out an HP brand?
What range of sizes are available to install?

Re: Replacement hard drive for Pavilion n5425

You can use almost any drive that will physically fit.  It's remotely
possible that the BIOS has a capacity limitiation, but in fact if you
have a 20 gig drive, it's unlikely to have any limitation of less than
100 gigs.  Drive thickness is a potential physical concern.  Most
laptops will take any drive up to 12.5mm thick, but a few allow only
9.5mm.  Most drives these days are 9.5mm but a few are 12.5mm (and there
are some much older drives that are 18mm, but they will be smaller than
20 gigs).  Other than that, you can use pretty much any 2.5-inch IDE
drive, everything else is standardized (note that some newer drives are
SATA and not IDE, and that in this laptop, you need IDE).

[Drives come in 4200, 5400 and 7200 rpm.  The faster drives are, well,
faster, and cost more and often (but not always) use a bit more power
and run a bit hotter, but the power and heat differences are unlikely to
be enough different to be an issue.  Any speed drive will work.] wrote:

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