Replace or Recycle Dell Inspiron 8200???? (possible motherboard problem)

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My Dell Inspiron 8200 was a great, albeit somewhat heavy, laptop.
Before I recycle it, I wanted to ask about this problem that's sending
it out the door.

The laptop only runs when it's plugged into the docking station/port
replicator. When the plug-in is plugged in directly to the computer
the laptop won't stay running.

I read awhile back that the problem is the motherboard and how it
charges the battery. Has anyone else seen this problem? My fear is
that if the motherboard is faulty, then it could stop working at some
point in the future even if it's in the docking station.

Any ideas as to if it's worth replacing the motherboard or if I should
just grab the parts and scrap the rest?


Re: Replace or Recycle Dell Inspiron 8200???? (possible motherboard problem)

No no, don't throw it just yet... because it might only be the power
connector on the mobo, sometimes they just want a re-solder.

You can imagine the stress on it with all the pushing and pulling, a
common fault is that the solder cracks around the connections, solder is
very soft being only lead and tin.

Could also be the battery has seen better days and not holding a
charge, you could always try a good one... to conform this before
splashing out on a new battery, try a different docking station will
also prove  guilty or not.


Re: Replace or Recycle Dell Inspiron 8200???? (possible motherboard problem)

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Thanks for your reply.

I'd like to figure out how to put the least amount of money into this
in case it really is not useable.

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Having not pulled apart a laptop before, how can I start to figure out
what needs to be fixed.  I don't know if I'd know if it just needs to
be re-soldered.   Are there indicators that will be obvious when I
open it up?

Or do I take it somewhere to have someone else charge me a hefty fee?
I'm not unfamiliar with hardware, but I've never had to deal with an
issue like this so it's all going to be new to me.

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I could try to get a new battery off of ebay or something.  I wouldn't
think that the docking station is the problem given that it works fine
there, just not when it's out of the docking station.  Having to keep
it attached to the docking station really limits me what I can do with
this old computer.  I don't have a lot of space to keep it around and
so hefting the docking station with it is quite a bit of a pain.

But, if I can salvage this - that would be awesome!

Thanks for your help!

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