Repairing hard drive HP

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I have a 40GB HD on an HP Pavilion laptop. Attempted to run a back up image
and it would not proceed due to what appears to be a bad sector.

I understand that running chkdsk \f will attempt to repair and save data but
may not do so.

Is there a way to simply get a report of how many bad sectors there are if
there are a good many I may want to replace the HD.

Re: Repairing hard drive HP

I would look at commercial products before trying Chkdsk /f. I had a
problem with a USB Thumb drive that caused WinXP to not be able to read
files from a directory. I could, however, read the files using Linux
and did so to preserve the data. I then ran CHKDSK to fix the problem
and it did so by deleting the problem directory.

If the drive has SMART capabilities, look for a SMART tool that will
report what it finds.

I thought that modern drives automatically remap bad sectors
transparently to the host operating system, so you may have exceeded
that capability or something else is going wrong.

Good luck!


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