Repair ECS g732?

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Hi all,

I have a major problem, the AC connector on my g732 broke when I was
plugging in the power cord.  I pulled out the CPU and heatsink and saw
that the housing for the connector broke causing the metal at the back
of the connector to snap off.  It snapped off at the top so there is
this strip of metal sticking up from the motherboard.  I tried to epoxy
the housing back but it just snaps off again after a few plug-ins.
While it is plugged in and I touch the strip of metal to the metal left
on the back of the housing, I get power.  I figured I would solder it
if I could get the housing to hold.  Does anyone know a reputable place
that is reasonable where I can send my laptop for a proper repair?  In
the alternative, does anyone know of a glue or epoxy what will work to
hold that plastic.  It is the hard black type of plastic.



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