removing CD drive from Toshiba 4000CDS

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Can anyone tell me how to remove the CD drive from
a Toshiba 4000CDS or where to find instructions?

Thanks,                 ... Peter Easthope

petereasthope at
shark at gulfnet dot sd64 dot

Re: removing CD drive from Toshiba 4000CDS

It's not terribly difficult, but you have to take the laptop COMPLETELY
apart.  You start by removing all of the screws on the bottom (including
those inside the battery and hard drive compartments).  There are 2
screws on the back.  Remove the keyboard and remove the screws under the
keyboard (5, I think).  Disconnect all of the cables under the keyboard
(about a half-dozen).  At that point, you can split the lower bottom
case from the upper bottom case.  Once you do that, the rest will be
obvious.  Don't attempt this if you don't know how to lock and unlock
ZIF flex-cable sockets, or you will probbably do irrepairable harm. wrote:

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