remove vista and install winxp in gateway m-6816 laptop

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Hi, I tried to install winxp in my gateway laptop M-6816 (vista built
in). But it has SATA hard disc controller. For this, i installed SATA
controller by pressing F6 (while installing winxp) from floppy disc.
The driver title i selected from the menu is 'Intel (R) 82801 HEM/HBM
SATA AHCI Controller (Mobile ICH8M-E/M). The SATA PORT as stated in
SETUP mode is WDC WD1600BEVS-22RST0-(S1). After installing the SATA
controller, it showed the hard drive and i partitioned the drives with
C drive as 40 GB and remaining for D drive. But when the winxp
installation started to dump files, it showed error with couldn't find
iastor.sys file. I skipped it to test and skipped other related files
to it (iastor.inf, etc.) after that the installation went
fine. But when the computer rebooted, it showed STOP error. i tried to
google a lot and found a way thats.. copying all the iastor* file
manually to c:\windows\system32\drivers folder, to my badluck, it
didn't solve. i tried lots of times .. but the system can't go on and
it reboots (as i disabled reboot on system failure it shows the same
blue screen with stop error.) as i crawl thru the sys files loading in
safe mode, it goes till mob.sys and reboots. Please anyone can help me
to sort this thing out, my application which i am developing doesn't
work in windows vista and i really need to install winxp to work on
it :(.. please please please.


Re: remove vista and install winxp in gateway m-6816 laptop

Re: "The SATA PORT as stated in SETUP mode is WDC WD1600BEVS-22RST0-(S1)"

That is the hard drive, not the SATA port.

I spent a couple days working out the installation of XP for the Gateway
MT6711 laptop, and I've been selling a CD with everything you need for
$6 (plus $2.50 shipping).  What you need is what I did for the MT6711
... but only for the 6816 instead.  Can't directly be sure I can help
you, there is a chance that the 6711 material will also work for the
6816, but I don't know.  Although the F6 driver is a major key to this,
there's a lot more to it than that.  To really get it right ....
absolutely everything working, and with no "splats" or unknown devices
in device manager, you are looking at tracking down about a dozen
different pieces of software.  It's almost certainly possible, but it's
not trivial.

simon wrote:
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Re: remove vista and install winxp in gateway m-6816 laptop

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...which won't help.  Well, it might if the OP isn't able to serach
the manufacturer's website for XP drivers, but it won't help his
current problem.
He's specified the SATA driver from floppy during install, and he's
getting file copy errors during installation.
This is very occasionally due to a bad/scratched CD or bad CDROM, but
virtually *always* down to bad RAM.  Windows XP setup copies files to
RAM during the install and these "file missing" errors are very common
when the RAM isn't perfect.  You can sometimes get away with ignoring
files, but sometimes you can't - it's a mug's game though.  From
bitter experience on a *lot* of systems, don't mess around until it
installs clean without errors.
It'd be worth removing half your RAM and trying again. If this doesn't
work, try using only the other stick of RAM.  As a final resort, buy
some more from
Once installed, Windows is more tolerant of memory errors - just not
during the installation phase.

Re: remove vista and install winxp in gateway m-6816 laptop

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Why bother buying *you* disc?  everything needed to do what you have done is
free, and readily available on the internet.
Slipstreaming the necessary drivers and other software into an install disc
is so easy anyone can do it.


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