Reinstallin WinXP? ? ?

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I asked this question before, but got contradictory responses.

I have a four-year-old HP laptop which has a set of four "recovery" discs
and one system disc for Windows XP.

I've gotten a new laptop and want to give the old one to a friend, who needs
a barebones computer.

My question is, can I install ONLY the Windows XP system, and then put in a
few software programs -- a word processor, e-mail, and web browser?

Or do I have to put in all the junk that came with the original?

Re: Reinstallin WinXP? ? ?

Of all the restore Image based disc set setup's, the installer has no
choice. It's made to restore the image to like new out of the box.

Your saying that it came with all that junk with the org. That image on
that disc is a copy of the one they installed.

Ray wrote:
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Re: Reinstallin WinXP? ? ?

On Thu, 22 Feb 2007, Ray wrote:

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Sure you can install Win95 xp system.   If its a full win95xp disk
not an upgrade.  you must have a previous version of windows
loaded in first to the c: drive.  The box tells you what previous
version is required if its an upgrade disk.  Then just load in win/xp
right on top of the windows you already have installed.   I bought the
winxp/pro upgrade.  On the box it states you must have win98se
at least before the upgrade will go in on top of it and overide the
old win98se.     Results were excellent.

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