'Refurbished' batteries? ? ?

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I've been looking on eBay for a battery for my Pavilion ze5300 and I see
quite a few "refurbished" models that seem to come from reputable dealers.

They are priced quite low and there's a limited warranty.

Is it wise to buy a "refurbished" battery?

Re: 'Refurbished' batteries? ? ?

I'll continue the question to ask why I shouldn't open my battery pack and
then replace the batteries with industrial cells? Is there a good reason why
i shouldn't try?


Re: 'Refurbished' batteries? ? ?

If you try it first I'll try it second!

(Assuming, that is, that you don't blow up your laptop in the process!)

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Re: 'Refurbished' batteries? ? ?

Rob wrote:
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What's the battery technology?
What's an "industrial cell"?
Where are you gonna buy 'em?  At what cost?
How are you gonna spot weld 'em together?
How are you gonna reset the protection chip?
How are you gonna measure the voltage, current, temperature
over a wide range of charge conditions so you can make sure it won't
blow up?
A well designed battery system should be tolerant of battery variables.
Problem is that many battery systems are NOT well designed and depend
on the particular parameters of cells that were available a decade ago.


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