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I have a Toshiba Satellite 1405, 3 years old, with a 3 cd set of
Recovery and App/Driver CDs. I recently tried to use these to reset to
factory settings. The installation went all the way through, took 3
hours, but now I can't boot. After the word "Toshiba" appears on the
screen, it goes blank and all I have is a blinking curser. What can I
do to complete the recovery? The system is now unusable. Thanks.

Re: recovery cd

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What is the reason for doing the recovery?  From your limited historical
description, I am thinking the HD was failing and the system was
corrupt.  The fact that the restore took 3 hours, about 2.5 hours too
long, indicates that the HD had essentially failed prior to your doing
the recovery.


Re: recovery cd

The reason I attempted a recovery is that the system was running so
slowly, it was unusable. I would get numerous messages that xxxx.exe or
xxxx.dll was corrupt and I should run chkdsk, which I did. It started
running chkdsk at start up and shut down on its own. I too suspected
the hard drive was failing, but this was a last ditch effort. Thanks.

Re: recovery cd

It does sound like you have a bad hard drive, but I'd rerun the recovery
(which should take more like 40 minutes) just for kicks.  If you have a
spare hard drive, try using it.  If you have an IDE to 2.5 inch adapter,
try mounting it on a desktop and running some diagnostics.

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