Recording in Stereo on laptop question

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I would like to record my classical guitar playing in stereo on my laptop. My
laptop has a built in mic port.

How exactly can I get two mics to work? What special device should I use? I
would prefer something simpler and relavtively cheap. . .

Re: Recording in Stereo on laptop question

It all depends...

What quality level are you hoping for?

The mic inputs on laptops are pretty poor, lack phantom powering and are not
really suitable for much more than doodling.

A better solution is to buy one of the many USB (or Firewire) interfaces
with built in mic amps.
These go from cheap 'n ' cheerful

to better than your going to need ;-)

You will also need some mics...
Again anything from Shure SM57

up to expensive condenser mics. (Rode NT5, AKG-414, Neumann large + small
condensers, Scheops)

Have a look at this package
Never used it personally but it's all good low-end stuff.

Some recording software will be needed and a fair bit of disk space too.
Fianally don't forget the most important bit -  a decent quiet space with
good ambience, NOT your small boxy bathroom.
Get a tall boom mic stand  and try a pair of mics 6' high and 6' in front of
you - it's as good a place to start as any... OMWD

You wil need a decent monitoring setup as time goes on and you get more

It all depends on whether you want to record ideas and doodles or make your
own CD - costs will vary accordingly

Have fun!!

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Re: Recording in Stereo on laptop question

You probably can't.

The mic-in on most laptops is mono.  Also, the "sound cards" in laptops
are usually of low quality.  Yours could be an exception, if so you will
have to make a suitable adapter for connecting two separate mics to the
one mic jack (if, that is, it is a stereo jack).

Better solution, get a USB external "sound card" with a full set of
inputs (something like a Creative Labs Extigy) and use that.  Obviously,
you will still have to find a set of mics to work with it, and it still
may require a cable that splits a single stereo mic jack into two
separate left and right mono mic jacks.

You will also need some recording software, which will probably come
with the USB external sound card.  Windows has "Sound Recorder", but it
is very limited, as it only records to memory and not to a disk drive
(although on a modern computer with hundreds of megabytes of memory,
that may be adequate).

ignoramus@ignorant.igg wrote:

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