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Greetings all,

I run a small teaching company that's looking to expand.  We're
heavily PowerPoint integrated and we use a program called "CPS" from to gather student results.  The processing
requirements are quite low.

I was wondering what recommendations people might have to a laptop
that's basically used for presentations and Excel.  Preferably
something that isn't bloated with trialware, as I've read many HPs

Any suggestions?  This'd be bottom-line necessity stuff - no games, no
graphics editing, no streaming video, etc.  Even HD capacity
requirements would be minimal.

Thanks much for any suggestions!

Jim Kawashima

Re: Recommended laptops for presentations

In typed on Thu, 3 Jan 2008 12:40:26 -0800 (PST):
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Gee that seems easy to me. Anything that can run Office should do
nicely. Which covers 99.9% of all laptops. Well the ones that run
Windows anyway. And if it comes with Windows XP, I'd say 512MB to 1GB of
RAM should do nicely.

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Re: Recommended laptops for presentations

If you get one with vista make sure that it has enough processing power and
at least 2gb ram.

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Re: Recommended laptops for presentations

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Thank you!  That's the kind of info I was hopin' for (i.e., what I'd
need to run Vista without taking forever to boot up programs or switch

And for the earlier post, I know pretty much any laptop will do.  I
should've made this request clearer.  I'm looking, actually truly
looking, for people's personal preferences.

Reason I do this is, even though we can come up with numerous reasons
pro and con for any laptop, people's personal biases and prejudices
will be based on their actual experiences in the real world, versus
the specs the companies put on their websites.

I realize this could result in widely varying input, but that's
exactly what I'm seeking.

I'm especially interested in prejudices - because those tend to arise
from bad experiences (for example, I have a ThinkPad that constantly
interrupts presentations with update requests or notifications - I
realize I can turn them off, but that's the sort of story that'll turn
people off to that machine).

Does this make sense?  I'm basically looking for what NOT to buy in
terms of cost-effectiveness vs. reliability.

Finally, to give you an idea of specs, I'm currently running the
course just fine on a '99 Dell CSX laptop running Win2K and Office 2K.

Thanks much for the quick feedback!

best wishes,

Jim Kawashima

Re: Recommended laptops for presentations typed on Thu, 3 Jan 2008 13:43:05 -0800 (PST):
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OMG Jim! I also have two Toshiba 2595XDVD laptops from the '99 era. One
is running Windows 98SE and the other is running Windows 2000. Both are
maxed out with 192MB of RAM. And they both have Office 2000 installed on
them. While I still love them, they are super slow! Heck Windows 2000
can't even keep up with DVD movies on that machine. And I can't stream
audio/video faster than 100kps before it breaks up. With Windows 98SE, I
can stream about 700kbs on the same.

Trust me Jim... modern hardware is so much faster. As I have two Gateway
MX6124 laptops (2006 era) with a Celeron 1.5GHZ CPU (Windows XP) and
they just blow away my old Toshibas ('99 era). There is just no
comparison. Anything made in the last year or two I believe you will be
totally happy with. There is no such thing as a slow laptop anymore.
Well check back in about 7 years from now, and I might revise that
statement. LOL But for now, it is so true. :)

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Re: Recommended laptops for presentations

Stewart wrote:
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One might think that processing power is required, but my wife generates
25-50MB (yes MB!) powerpoint and word files for presentation on a 1.0Ghz
ultra low voltage centrino with 512MB RAM quite easily (Sony tr3a).


Re: Recommended laptops for presentations

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Thanks for the input, Q - it's good to know I can't be shortchanged in
the CPU department for my purposes.

BTW, a few of my presentations include MPEG timers, and can exceed
100MB.  It's no problem to remove the movies, though, and play them in

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