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I seem to remember there was something in PC world mag about how to get
win/explorer changed so that it would look like the older win/explorer
screen.  I/E instead of a bunch of stuff like "MY MUSIC" "MY This"
and "MY THAT",  I think you had to use the "RUN" cmd to type in something
that would make win/explorer look more like it use to.  All files,
Drives, Folders, etc in the left panel of a split screen, and you
just picked what you wanted by clicking on it and the right panel
of the screen would pop up with what you wanted to see!!!!
Does anyone have a clue on this???  I tried everything in the
present win/explorer to get that kind of display but could not
get the result I wanted or anything approaching it.

Re: Re Winxp/pro and Windows Explorer Default Screen

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Right-click on the Start-menu. Choose "properties" from the drop
down menu. Then the "Start Menu" tab, and choose "Classic start menu".

Then right-click on the desk top, choose "properties" again, and
in the "Themes" tab pick Windows Classic. Also check under the
"Appearance" tab to make sure that "Windows and buttons" shows
"Windows Classic style".

After that XP looks a lot more trustworthy.


Re: Re Winxp/pro and Windows Explorer Default Screen


Thanks much LARS I will follow that and see what I come up with.

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