Re: Widescreens-- how does that affect gaming?

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I don't like stretching whatsoever.
I had a lot of trouble choosing a laptop for this very reason.
Eventually I gave up and decided to buy a 4:3 monitor at the same time.
But the ATI X1600 has the option for maintaining aspect ratio, where you
get the black pillars.
The only thing I accept stretching for is the display on Media Player or the
Without this option I don't know what I would do.
The games I have used really aren't interchangeable across screen widths.
Quake 4 is the only one I'm sure where you have a choice.  It appears that
they use squeezing, like with anamorphic movies.
Certainly nothing with Quake 3, which I always have to view pillarboxed.
I have been using older games, such as Doomsday and Seven Kingdoms.

Games will stretch unless you have a 'maintain aspect ratio' setting in your
graphics driver or the
game itself has some kind of setting.  I get the impression there is little
concern from them.
You could perhaps search out the widescreengaming forum site.
My impression is that NVidia are more likely to have the 'maintain aspect
ratio' option
than ATI.

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