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I believe you are putting the cart before the horse.  Manufacturers don't
drive consumer demand.  Consumer demand drives Manufacturers.  They make
what will sell and what their focus groups tell them they want.
Unfortunately, the baby boomers are still driving things. They are getting
old, and need the bigger screens.  (They can't see the darned 10 inchers.)
So, until the Gen X'ers come along and out number the Boomers it aint

Re: The true meaning of notebook computers

Richard Johnson wrote:
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I respect your opinion, but mine must differ. It is true that they
don't drive consumer demands in a "perfect" economy. Unfortunately, the
computer fields are not run by a perfect conditions, where market and
consumers prevail. No, it is determined by those industry groups and
manufacturers who want to push their own agenda... profits if you want
to call them. They do not offer necessarily the best products. The big
clout and the big money have the determining factors. Focus group can
easily be bought. The consumer is still waiting for O/S that REALLY
serve their purpose.... not the benefit of those corporations who want
to sell their products through the internet everytime you connect to
it. Ever wonder why during normal operation of opening a website, all
advertisement blocks on the screen always come out first?

Apple O/S, Betamax were among ones that lost not because they have
inferior products. Now you are starting to see the "fight" over  who
will be in control in media storage - Blu laser vs HDD disk, etc.
Technology is so far advanced, but for the best interest of profit,
they slow it down to allow for "milking" cow concept.

When you are in automobile business... car manufacturers want to make a
car that run faster. A car that can travel with a speed of light would
be the ultimate goal. When you design computer, the chips are getting
faster... but when you start up your computer, ever wonder that all the
initial things that they do in a computer makes your computer run
slower. The extra speed that you buy from that new chips is used by the
O/S for doing lots of other thing for their benefits... lining up
customers to buy more products, to sneak into your computer and check
things, to call "home" like an ET in a alien planet.

My old Toshiba notebook is about 15 years old. It runs on Windows 98.
When I trun it on... I can use a spreadsheet or a word processor in a
Jiffy. Why not with my new laptop computer?  Well, of course they keep
telling that the new technology is making it more user friendly,etc.
etc. But, I am usually frustrated if I just want to use my word
processor and have to wait for "so long" with the latest gizmo and O/S.
 I even remember when you turn on a computer with DOS, it comes up
rather instantaneously.

Well ... it is just another opinion.

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