Re: Should I always keep my laptop on?

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  Me has posted a classic urban myth.  If he knew this massive
energy consumption on power up to be fact, then it would have
been posted with numbers.  Power cycling does not cause more
energy consumption.  A larger source of energy consumption
would be myths promoted without first learning how little
electricity is consumed during power up.

  When in power up, electronics even contain an inrush current
limiter so that even less power is consumed during that power

  When done, either power down or hibernate it to reduce power
consumption - and for other technical advantages.

Me wrote:
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Re: Should I always keep my laptop on?

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He got the details wrong, but it is true that power cycling fluorescent lights
many times a day tends to end up costing more than just leaving them on.  The
problem is that the heater filaments in the ends degrade a little every time
the lamp has to start, so the lamp's lifetime is a strong function of the
number of power cycles besides just how many hours it runs for.

Figuring out the 'break even' point where it's cheaper to live a fluorescent
light on rather than power cycle it, though, is pretty difficult... bulb costs
are all over the board, as is quality, labor prices, etc...

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In general that's good advice, although I've been at companies in the past
where software updates were pushed out at night, backups were performed at
night, etc., so your PC had to be left on.  (In theory there's 'wake on LAN'
such that you don't have to leave the PC on, but they couldn't get that
feature working on a significant number of their thousands of PC...)

Additionally, if your company has electric heat that would otherwise be on
anyway, keeping a PC on just lessens the load on the electric heat!

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