Re: Service manual to dismantle and replace power supply on HP Pavilion ZT3380

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But would you know for sure without a multimeter that any 12 year old can use?
:>)   --- A tribute to w_tom?  

Yes, broken power connectors are probably one of the largest sources of laptop
failure industry wide.   They all solder them, and provide no phyiscal
reinforcement to hold them in place.   Then the soft solder fractures from wear
and tear, and the laptop won't charge.  Voila!  Planned obsolescence.... Ben

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Re: Yes, HPs have power supply problems AND power connector problems!

Yes, a broken solder joint should be obvious to anyone on inspection and
without mulitmeters. But I especially liked your comment which has only just
popped up on my servers (!!?) about HP computers' power supplies

I have another one, a Pavilion 5415 with exactly this power supply problem:
As soon as it heats up, some protection circuit in the power supply clicks
in and shuts the whole computer down.

Someone kindly posted a service manual for me and I discovered that you have
to take the whole computer apart practically down to the last nut and bolt
to get the power supply out to replace it! Since the clicking seems to be
coming from the rear right hand corner about a half inch in front of the
power connector, I don't THINK I can blame it on the connector this time.

I think I asked earlier in this thread whether this is why places like Fry's
get so many of them new AND refurbished at the same time!

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