Re: Service manual to dismantle and replace power supply on HP Pavilion ZT3380

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One of the reasons why I do not recommend HP laptops to my clients is the
unavailability of service manuals to those of us who are unwashed service
technicians, i.e. we are not "authorized" HP service providers.   Some service
manuals can be found elsewhere on the web, not on the HP web site, if and only
if someone who has the printed manual has scanned it in as a PDF or if someone
with the PDF version has put it on-line.

By comparision, you or I can go to the Dell web site or the Lenovo/IBM web site
and download the service manuals for nearly all of the laptops ever sold.   The
only exception I have found is that Dell does not have service manuals for its
extremely cheaply made Inspiron laptops, which are pretty easy to disassemble

The odds are reasonable that the ZT3380 power supply is built into the
motherboard, and the laptop may be suffering from the malady that plagues many
laptops, all brands to varying degrees, HP among the worst.  The typical power
connector to which the external power supply connects is soldered onto the
motherboard, held in place only by the wires that supply the current to the
motherboard and battery.   A rudimentary knowledge of physics and materials
science will tell anyone that solder is soft, an amalgam of soft metals.  So the
solder fractures under the constant pressure of attaching and detaching the
external power brick, and the motherboard stops running when the battery loses
all its charge... Ben Myers

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