Re: Service manual to dismantle and replace power supply on HP Pavilion ZT3380

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Sounds like the power connector is coming loose from the main
motherboard. Not uncommon with a laptop. Especially if it was ever
banged around with the charge cable connected. If it is coming loose it
can cause ALL the problems your seeing. You need to open the machine and
resolder the connections, or replace the power connector itself it it is

The connector is not JUST a connector, they usually have a couple of
switches inside as well as the charger circuit having current and
voltage detection as well. With the loose connections you get the
symptoms your seeing. One time the charger works fine and the battery
gets charged, the next the machine is dead because it doesn't get power
from either source. Then you get the

Dell, HP and Toshiba all have had this same problem at one time or another.

Steve W.
Near Cooperstown, New York

Steve W.
Near Cooperstown, New York
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