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I too own a Samsung Sens 600 (submodel T-162), but unfortunately, I do
not possess a recovery CD, nor do I know of anywhere to purchase one.
The best thing to do may be to simply install an entirely new
operating system altogether. With my Sens 600, I resorted to
installing Windows XP Professional (required upgrades)  after hours
of trying to use the Chinese subsystem (exhausting).

This model, when upgraded, can take the versions of windows listed

Windows 95 (requires 8MB of ram or Higher)
Windows 98(SE) (requires 16MB of ram or higher)
Windows NT 4/5.0 (same as above)
Windows 2000/2000 Server (requires 32MB of ram or higher, 64MB
recommended minimum)
Windows XP Home/Pro (requires 64MB of ram or higher, 128MB recommended
minimum, and a 3GB hard drive or larger)
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition (requires 128MB of ram or
higher, 256MB recommended minimum, and a 6GB Hard Drive or larger

(I've excluded Windows XP Media Center Edition from the list due to
the following reasons: 1.) This model of laptop does not have a
sufficient enough onboard video card to support the advanced features
this operating system supplies. 2.) The video card is not DirectX7
compliant onboard, one of the minimum video requirements for this
operating system.)

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Samsung Sens 600,
I would be more than happy to answer them for you.


PS: view pictures of my Samsung Sens 600 at

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