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On Wed, 9 Sep 2009 18:54:39 +0100, undisclosed wrote:

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I just bought one from Amazon, and so far I like it fine. The display
is great, and battery life is probably what they advertise, although I
haven't had it long enough to really tell.

The keyboad has a good "touch" but of course, it is smaller than the
keyboard on my desktop computer. I don't like those touchpads that
laptops use, so I added a USB/laser mouse (Logitech V450) and it works

My total cost was US$ 359.20 for the computer and mouse (329.95 for
the computer and 29.95 for the mouse) and free shipping.

Re: samsung NC10

On Sep 10, 1:54=A0am, undisclosed wrote:
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See Here :

And YOu can see the netbook battery life :

samsung nc10 have a long battery life .

Re: samsung NC10

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Best laptop I ever owned.  I have the 9-cell, 7800 maH battery in mine: -
it adds a tube to the battery pack that makes a nice little stand to
tilt the keyboard towards you a few degrees.  Best thing about this
design is it also RAISES the air intake off the desk's surface so the
cooling fan isn't sucking every tiny dust mote into the bottom air
intake holes.  It also stands the bottom off soft surfaces so the little
netbook gets cooling air, even perched on my bed watching a DivX movie
off alt.binaries.movies.divx.

Some webpages manage to trash the multitouch gestures of the
touchpad....and I can't seem to stop it under Firefox.

THE WORST OF IT - SPEAKERS!  Plan on using an external battery-powered
set of speakers if you must use speakers with the NC10.  Samsung's
internal speakers have NO BAFFLE and are located in tiny, closed-back
tubes that won't let the tiny round speakers breathe!  It's sheer
stupidity!  The audio drivers for the audio chipset, however, comes with
a little popup screen that asks if you have just plugged in headphones,
non-powered speakers, or want line out levels for your external amp and
what kind of audio output you want it to generate (mono, stereo, 5-
channel stereo encoding), which works very nice.  It's just the internal
speakers, themselves, or, more correctly, their lack of proper baffles
that renders them USELESS, totally USELESS.

Everything else in this netbook works great....well, as great as
WinXPSP3 ever works on anything.  I've reparted the 160GB hard drive and
dual boot the original WinXPSP3 and Ubuntu Linux, which is a
considerable improvement and much more pleasing to the eyes.  Ubuntu
runs first class on the little N270 1.6Ghz processor.  I swapped the
stupid Windows-imposed 1GB memory stick for a 2GB, all it supports, the
day I got it.  I paid $US20 for it from  All XP netbooks are
hobbled with 1GB of memory.  Some you can't change, however.  Samsung
makes this one screw and a pop-out standard 200-pin memory stick
connector on the bottom.

The BEST FEATURE of the NC10 isn't being extended to the NC20, the
stupids.  NC10 has a TOTALLY NON-REFLECTIVE LCD screen and the plastic
surround around it....NO MIRRORS reflecting back in your face.  Every
glossy laptop/iPhone/TV owner is envious when this is pointed out to
them.  Glossy sucks sitting outdoors or in a brightly lit restaurant!  I
will never own a glossy-screened device ever again!  NC10's picture is

It's larger keyboard is much more friendly than other netbooks who
sacrifice keyboard size for touchpad size.  The little multitouch
touchpad works great, even with my fat meathooks.  The scroll bar
multitouches into the main touchpad area as a mouse wheel if you don't
lift your finger making scrolling through long webpages a pleasure.  two
finger gestures are cute but not that useful...unless some iPhone owner
is watching, of course...(c;]

I wouldn't trade my NC10 for the NC20 or any other netbook out there.  I
don't even have to do any "power saving" nonsense with this big battery.  
It's simply left running wide open all day....even playing
movies/music/streaming video/etc. while multitasking other jobs.

One more tip.  The Motorola S9HD bluetooth stereo headset pairs with
both handsfree (with controls for Skype) and A2DP stereo for your movies
and music FIRST CLASS with the NC10's really nice Bluetooth transceiver.  
Range is FURTHER than the 10 meter BT specification, so you can hear the
stereo wandering around your house only balking if you get really far
away.  The S9HD/NC10 pair make stereo that sounds like the biggest DJ
sound system you ever saw...Noiseless, PAINFULLY LOUD, virtually
distortion free.  I highly recommend the Motorola S9HD for use with it.  
You don't need speakers in public, anyways.

I've had the NC10 bluetooth tethered to a Motorola Z6m but Bluetooth is
too slow for broadband.  Tether the phone and headset and internet
bandwidth drops to HALF...useless.  Tethered to the USB port on the
phone was great.  But, The Borg (Verizon Wireless) sucked up my Alltel
and screwed up the bandwidth awful (on purpose?) so I fired them.  I now
am my own wifi hotspot using one of these: /
plugged into this router:
which is powered by four 11AH Maha Powerex monster D-cells in series:
with tabs welded onto them in a neat little 2x2 battery pack that will
run 24/7 for a few days between chargings with my homebrew 10A NiMh
quickcharger (90 minutes from dead).  The router wants 5V but runs fine
at 4-6VDC.  The NC10 LOVES the Cricket Hotspot/LAN built into the
portable DVD player leather case I use to transport my NC10 around
safely.  Having my own wireless LAN also allows my Nokia N800 Linux
tablets and Netgear SPH100 candy bar Skype wifi phone to share the USB
modem's unlimited service.  The N800's dual 16GB SDHC memory cards and
the NC10's 160GB hard drive are all network drives on the router's LAN
so sharing files, moving files is easy.  It's fast enough that I can
watch a full sized DivX movie on mplayer on the little tablet using the
movie off the NC10's hard drive, while using the NC10 for other useful
stuff like daytrading the stock market for fun and profit.  NC10
supports the LAN sharing as good as any other WinXP or Ubuntu Linux box.

Do be kind to any Mac Air users trying to look through the glitzy glossy
screen to see the movie behind the image of their face and the trees
behind them, ok?....(c;]


Re: samsung NC10

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I bought this from these guys in Taiwan: =

The step-by-step installation instructions are not "easy" but very
doable with no soldering.  The worst of it is taking apart the right
side top hinge as you cannot feed the touchscreen's edge connector
through the slot where the two wifi/bluetooth coax cables go to connect
the touchscreen to its USB/interface board you simply stick to the
motherboard with double-sided tape.

If you add this touchkit to the NC10...align the touchscreen to the LCD
screen a tiny, very tiny big down and to the right a mm to ensure the
windows bar and webpage slidebars are adequately covered as the
touchscreen does not function all the way to its edge....just a
fraction, a mm is fine.

The only detractor the touchkit caused me is a personal hatred of glossy
screens.  The touchkit is glass and does cause you to lose some of the
non-glare beauty of the NC10's screen.  However...having a REAL, highly
precise, 25-calibration-point first class touchscreen is just WONDERFUL
and worth a little glare tolerance!


Before you order, here's the instructions to read FIRST.... -

You simply unplug the camera from its motherboard USB port and insert
the touchkit's board between the camera (on one of its THREE extra USB
ports!) and the motherboard port.  The camera shares the USB port with
the touchkit just video balking detected.  I video Skype a

Anyone who can get the popped-together case apart and use a screwdriver
without stabbing themselves can put this touchkit into the

Everyone I meet loves to see the touchscreen NC10(T?) in action...Mice
suck.  Even comes with a nice combo stylus/ball point pen....

The touchpad/multitouch function unmolested by the touchscreen's
separate driver.  I see no difference in battery loading, either.


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