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Have a peep here-:
might be worthwhile having a look under Computer Help desk where the
are two loads of reference links.

One thing you need to note very carefully is the length and the
diameter more so... they come in various thicknesses and are
available from various outlets... a Google for 'CCFL Suppliers' will
come up with many places, Radio Spares the electronic component
people also supplies them now.

It is better to try and get the original ones if possible because of
their colour temperature... the colour or tint of the white light
they give.


Re: replacing CCFL tutorial

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re "having a look under Computer Help desk "

what do you mean by that?
I saw no reference on your URL

Re: replacing CCFL tutorial

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Would this be it?

or google groups to use search feature

Re: replacing CCFL tutorial

Davy wrote:
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Like he says, be very careful with the size.  You probably can't get
an engineering drawing, so you don't know whether they measured the
length of the glass, the wire coming out, the overall size of the
assembly with insulators...or some marketing dude pulled a random
number out of his forecasting orifice and dumped it on the page.
There is a bewildering array of different ways vendors put these things
together.  A small fraction of an inch either direction means it won't
fit.  Then you have to get out the dremel and start hacking plastic.
Sometimes the rubber shock mounts go on before the wire is attached
and you have to try to slit the stuff to get it off and back on.

Replacing a backlight is usually pretty trivial the SECOND time you do
it.  But the first time can be a bear.  That long thin tube is easy to
break while you're trying to stuff it into a place it wasn't designed to
go....ask me how I know ;-)

And don't forget that high voltage is present when you test it.
It may not kill you, but can surely make a wet spot on the floor...
right next to where your laptop crashed when your involuntary reaction
threw it into the air...ask me how I know ;-(

And we're making the assumption that the backlight is bad and not one of
the other several other possibilities.  And if the tube is broke, it no
longer limits the voltage and can short turns in the inverter
transformer.  Especially true when people use an external monitor while
they're deciding what to do about the light.

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