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Simon wrote:
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I have a HP AMD 1.2GMZ desktop that is terrible for videos (streaming
and DVD) and some MP3s (it depends on the bit rate). I fought it for
years and replaced sound cards, video cards, etc. and nothing changed.
Heavy use of the hard drive was the worst, but it couldn't play DVDs
very well on its own.

My Toshiba 2595X-DVD laptops are like that too. Both maxed out with
192MB of memory with a Celeron 400MHZ. One has Windows 2000 installed
and can't play streamed video better than 100k. And the other one has
Windows98SE installed and plays them well past 700k. See what a
difference an OS can have on the same machine?

It is my guess that some machines are just terrible for some of these
tasks, while the specs are good enough to be able to handle it. And
while I believe Windows XP runs media the smoothest out of the other
Windows OS, I don't think I would try it on that machine. But if you
would like too, then give it a shot. You can use anybody's Windows XP
install disk and have 30 days to play around with it before you have to
activate it. And in that case, buy Windows XP if it works out for you.

I don't know Simon, you don't want to spend a lot of money on a machine
like that. But more memory and a faster HD will help, but most likely
won't cure the problem. Luckily laptop manufactures are dropping prices
on laptops and you can get a decent one for like $500 nowadays.

Re: Problem with Presario

One of the problems is that you have insufficient memory. You should be
running a minimum of 512 MB for any kind of media playing.

The other is that the CPU is a little underpowered. The Celeron CPU has
less onboard memory than the Pentium, hence the cheaper price. This
means that the CPU must send data to the system RAM sooner than a
comperable Pentium, thus increasing the processor lag.

You might also be playing high-quality MP3 files. If the bitrate is
higher than 96 Kbps, the prcessor must work harder to play the file.

Also, if your soundcard is slow or built into the motherboard, it must
also use the system RAM, as will a built-in video card.

The tweaks - Stop all non-essential programs from the computer while
playing media files. You don't have to un-install them, but don't
expect to browse the internet and play MP3's at the same time.

This is all presented IMHO.

BillW50 wrote:
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