Re: Patient Guru required to help revive oldIBM think-pad 24

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Getting in late on this thread.....

The min specs for windows xp say:  300 mhz cpu, 1.5 gig hard drive and
128 meg ram.  Check out:

When I bought my IBM 240x  i bumped the ram up to 192 megs. I had
Win2k for awhile but thought XP PRO would be better for WIFI support
so I rebuilt the machine.

My machine has the 12 Gig HDD.  First thing I did using the external
floppy drive and windows 98 startup disk, was to fdisk and format the
drive. Of course this deletes all data for those who might consider
this -back up first.... I used FDISk to create 2 partitions, the C:
partition at about 8 gigs and the D: partition at about 4 gigs. Both
were formatted as FAT32.

From there I installed a copy of windows 95 from a zip disk with
parallel port interface. Very smooth install but slow.

Once windows 95 was installed I added drivers for a PCMCIA ethernet
card. Once that was set up I shared my CDROM from my desktop PC over
my home network to the laptop. From there I copied the windows XP cd
completely over to the D: partition, making sure to create a folder
with the same exact name as the CDROM  of the XP PRO install.  I also
took that time to copy over any available drivers I had for the 240x
to the D: partition.

This approach requires some network infrastructure, but you could
probably do it with an external CD-ROM that works.

Once it was all copied over,  installed windows XP from the D
partition. It installed smoothly, and I was soon in business. After
that I installed the IBM drivers for the PC.

The PC works great, connects to WIFI networks well, and though
somewhat slow compared to the desktop does most of what I want.  A
lean mean note-taking machine for school. I have office XP on it  and
it does fine, as long as databases and spreadsheets are not too big.

Good luck.


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