Re: Not able to play Flash video in full screen on my HP laptop

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Try turning off Hardware Acceleration in the display properties.
Personalize | Display Settings | Advanced Settings | Troubleshoot

Assuming your driver doesn't prohibit any such change (as my ATI Xpress 200M
does, sigh)



I am not able to play any Flash based video (like YouTube) in full
screen on my HP laptop. When I select full screen mode I am left with  a
black screen while sound continues to play. I then click "Esc" and I'm
back to video playback within the web-site.

My laptop has Intel 965 graphics and runs Windows Vista. All other
kinds of video runs in full screen without problems (DVD, AVI, QT
etc). All drivers are up to date, and Windows runs without problems.

Does anyone here know what could cause this?


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