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Which PC's did use use/like before that shipped with the CD's ?
Friends used to order Dells and they came with a full CD so you could
decide to format - I'm not sure if they'd restore both C and D to
factory image - anyone up on "which companies CD's do what ? ".

Whenever I buy a PC, I go to the website to buy the "OS on CD" for that
machine so that I can restore to a new drive - or to the original drive.
In the past , Compaq CDs cost me $10 for the CD's to replace the drive
and insert a new one - not just work from restore partition -  so I'd
have both options.( It came with a partition restore CD)

But I just bought an HP dv6113 at CompUSA and was told that it comes
with no media at all and for ME to back up to 2 DVD's.   I just went to  - cost me $15 but looks like it might just be the restore CD's
that will do what you mention (format etc) but at least I'll get
"whatever they have available" to get me back up with Media Edition.


re: New PC - Restore CD vs Full OS CD

On Sun, 26 Nov 2006, - Bobb - wrote:

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Bob I also had a problem as follows.  I used the "WIPE" software which
took out everything, partitions and all also took away the C:
prompts so had to reinstall win98se, then load in winxp/pro
on top of win98se (as the restoral disk could not find the c: drive.
I found out later if you have "Media WIPE" instead of "wipe", it
will just reformat your c: drive only and your ready to load
in your restoral disk (not an upgrade restoral disk).

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