Re: Latitude E6410 and UEFI vs BIOS - a warning

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I tried to set up a Dell Latitude E6410 last week, and whoever had it before  
me toggled the UEFI setting in the BIOS.  This leads to disaster.  I  
installed Win 7 Pro with the UEFI setting and the system would not boot at  
all after Win 7 was completely installed.  Then I rebooted and pressed F12.  
The resulting menu showed both the older legacy boot menu choices and the  
UEFI ones.  So I picked the UEFI hard drive and the system booted.  (The  
extra sludge of a UEFI partition was present.)  But wait a minute!  No  
self-respecting person is gonna wanna hit F12 every time the system powers  

So I went into the BIOS and selected legacy boot and reinstalled again.  
Same mess, and same dual choices of legacy and UEFI boot.

Seems to me that the E6410 BIOS is defective, all versions including the  
last A15 BIOS.

I finally fixed the problem by wiping the drive clean, then reinstalling  
with legacy settings.  The system now boots up without recourse to the F12  
key, and the F12 menu still shows both legacy and UEFI device choices.  
Seems to me it ought to be one or the other.  And why not?

UEFI is not to be confused with UEFA, the governing body of European  
football, known as soccer in this country... Ben Myers

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