Re: LAPTOP NEC Versa SX problem...No boot

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Hi , the batteries are fine , any other ideas ?

Hi Max... Yes I would agree with you normally until many here and other
places state that laptops with dead CMOS batteries don't always act the
same as desktop computers. Apparently many laptops today will not power
up correctly if the CMOS (BIOS) battery is weak or dead.

I admit this sounds like a dumb design to me. Although I do suppose the
manufactures get a lot of laptops coming in for service just for a dead
CMOS battery. It is an easy fix for them. While charging one an arm and
a leg for labor and a 2 buck battery.


Bill (using a HP Pavilion 8655 & Windows 2000)
-- written and edited within Word 2000

Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 11:52:39 -0400

I have a 3 V (Lithium) battery , and another one also in my laptop.

Even if they are dead, the laptop should boot with the default setting,

These batt are there only tho keep the BIOS setting but if not there ,
the default setting should be intact or laptop is not like regular PC.

Hi Max... I believe you misunderstood Nexus7. As there is more than one
battery inside of your laptop. One large one that you know about and one
small one buried deep inside to keep the clock running and the BIOS
settings intact. My two Toshiba 2595XDVD laptops actually use three
batteries. The third one allows one 30 minutes worth of backup power
which is enough time to swap main batteries. My third batteries are dead
and I should pull them out. As I believe they drain my main batteries
more than it should.


Bill (using a HP AMD 1.2GHZ & Windows 2000)
-- written and edited within Word 2000

Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 17:14:15 -0400

batt is ok.

do i need the battery pack installed to make it working? or just the
adaptor is ok

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