Re: Inspiron 9100 screen is black

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The backlights, are known as CCFL Cold Cathode Flouresecent Tube, kind
of flouresecnt tubes you see in shops but without the heater filiments
at the ends, they use a much higher voltage instead  being around
1,400V or 1.4KV for short.

I was thinking that if the lamps have failed the inverter will produce
a little higher voltage of about 1.8KV (which is usually the case as
you switch on before they actually strike)  because no current is
being consumed and that you felt a little bit of ol' static... just
like you do touching a CRT TV screen.

One common fault is the lamps or the inverter itself, inverters can go
gradually or suddenly,  but the lamps they usually show some symptoms,
like flickering or the whites in the display becoming tinted, usually
a pinkish type colour which gets worse as it gets dim ~ as opposed to
just  'konking out'. The tubes sometimes show a little blackening ring
at the ends which could be a clue.

This might give you some idea -: clicking the link
will open in a new window for you.

So is it the lamps or inverter, you'll have to decide.... it's a
gamble either way.

Ribbon cables can give similar trouble, often a cure can be had by
refitting them but you do have to be very careful with
them and avoid damaging the foil connector's.

I doubt the static would have damaged anything... unless you was
prodding about inside the case around the circuitry itself.


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