Re: How Open a VAIO PCG-NVR23?

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Any luck??  I need to replave a faulty DvD drive and also can't get
the case open.  I have removed all of the visible screws on the
bottom, in the drive bay, and in the battery bay.  It looks like you
may need to remove the LCD monitor to get to a few additional screws
- ???

Re: How Open a VAIO PCG-NVR23?

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I found some info with a google search a few days back. Disassembly appeared
fairly involved.

Sony provided absolutely no assistance.


Re: How Open a VAIO PCG-NVR23?

Underneth the lcd with the laptop open is a plastic panel that has no
visible cips or screws.  The plastic panel is the same one with the
power button.  With a small flat head screwdriver you can pull up the
plastic panel which will reveal one screw to remove the laptop
keyboard.  once the keyboard is pulled, a metal grill plate will
cover the inside of the laptop, motherboard, cpu, optical drive, etc.
 There are like 6 screws total to pull this plate off.  Remove it and
you can get to pretty much anything inside.  Note that with minor
differences almost all sony vaio laptops are assembled in a simmilar
fassion.  The only real difference as to howto get into them is some
have a screw on the left side to remove that initial plastic panel.
Good luck, its alot easier than it may appear.

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