Re: How do I open my Dell Ac Adapter?! Re: Mike Re: MI5...

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Hi all - saw this thread  from a couple months ago - just wanted to
add for those who come across it...

The thread started as a simple question about how to repair a power
brick for a Dell and 'devolved' into a discussion of power supplies.
Damn internet (small 'i').

Re: mike - Your advice was great. I just now cracked a brick (quite
easily, I might add, in about 3 minutes) for an Inspiron 8000. It was
the older, 'plain-brick' type. I notice the newer revs seem to have
that tougher, thicker plastic, more rounded and shaped than before. My
issue, as mike rightly categorized, was at the joint where the DC cord
meets the brick itself. I'm gonna have this fixed in about 15 minutes
- the Weller station is warming as I type this ...

Re: MI5..., et. al. : Your knowledge of ps concepts is unquestioned -
you're right on mark in your comments on theory and design. I only
wish you had not 'pulled the plug' on mike so quickly. mike's failure
analysis was accurate - these units fail the most (at one or more of
the connection joints). Which, the original poster, between you and
mike shouting at each other, _did_ sneak in and mention that mike had
identified his issue - which IS the real reason for these forums, no ?
I felt mike should have gotten more 'bench props' for that (me, EE
_and_ 'bench' 25+ years, Aerospace company too :)

All: I've electrical taped, RTV'd etc. so many of these damn things
for others at the 'joints', it's beyond funny. What we need is more
_industrial_ design theory - like how to build a great, $1.00 _strain
relief_ for power bricks ! I wonder how many of these bricks are
sitting in landfills (in far off lands, these days) for lack of a
decent strain relief. At least Dell reacted by going with the 'right
angle' plug on the new bricks, knowing that most people 'coil' the
cord around the brick before travelling. Now, if they'd just beef up
the DC relief, we'd be all set... (ok, it is better than before, but
we just had a six month old Latitude ps brick at work go bad at the DC
point - so, better, but not quite there yet).


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