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Hi folks.

I really need help, or guidance.

I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop, circa 1998, round about.  The
machine is working magnificently, except for the monitor.  The monitor
is very dark and all I can get is 16 colors, this on Windows 98 or two
Linux distros (Ubuntu and SuSE 10.0).

I really need a driver for this monitor.  I called Toshiba and they
don't have the drivers for this thing any longer.

So as it stands, I'm at a loss.  And it's a shame, because I installed
Windows 98SE on it and it ran great.  Except that I can barely see

I either need a driver for it or the monitor is bad.  Except that last
it was booted, a year or so ago, the monitor was fine.  I wiped it
clean upon getting it from my brother-in-law after he told me it was
full of malware.  I didn't think twice.  Didn't even boot it.  Just
went straight to format c.

Here's the info I have on it, per the underside of the machine:

Model:  PS214U-D81J08.

Serial:  20431775U

That's about all I could gather.  Toshiba couldn't give me any kind of
marketing model number.  I have to believe this thing was a "Satellite
2500" or something like that, but they couldn't match the serial with
any model number other than what I posted above.

If you know where I can get a driver for this thing - for Windows or
Linux - that would tremendously helpful.  If you know of a message
board or somewhere else on the Web or the Net that might be of help to
me, that would be tremendously helpful.

I am very grateful for your time and help.


Re: Help, please! Need monitor driver

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When you say that it is dark, can you see anything in a darkened room?  It
sounds as though the backlight inverter has snuffed it.

Re: Help, please! Need monitor driver

First, you need to give the model number.  PS214U-D81J08 is a part
number and cannot be looked up on a Toshiba web site.  However,
apparently it is a Satellite 2140XCDS.  The drivers are on the Toshiba
web site.  All your requests for help, parts and assistance should be
based on a Satellite 2140XCDS.

Second, it is a DSTN type display.  There is a contrast adjustment knob
in the right side of the laptop lid.  Many users don't even know it's
there.  Try adjusting it.

Third,DSTN screens are really bad even at best, and you may never be
satisfied with it's performance.  However, all LCD screens take a couple
minutes to reach full brightness, so don't give up too soon. wrote:

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Re: Help, please! Need monitor driver

Sir, I am indebted.  It was the contrast scroll wheel-button.  You're
right; I didn't even know it was there.  Geez, how much time I wasted.
I've never had any laptop nor used any laptop with a physical, manual
contrast adjust button.  Crazy!

Thanks for the tip.  And yeah, even when adjusting the contrast, this
monitor stinks.  But at least now if I'm looking directly at it, I can
see everything, somewhat relative to a picture on a modern computer.
Pretty sure this thing is around 1998, so it's primitive no doubt.

Thanks again!


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