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The Feds are officering up to 2 $40 coupons per household as long as the
supply lasts.  The coupons can be ordered online at .  Coupons will be shipped in late
February or early March of this year.  However, they are only good for 90
days after they are received.  That means people can order coupons now while
they definitely are available and then spend the remaining $10 - $30 for a
converter box within 90 days even 'tho they won't be needed until Feb, 2009.
Or, they can wait to order the coupons and take the chance that there will
not be any coupons left.  I doubt that they will run out without authorizing
more to be printed, but that's your call.

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Re: HDTV FEB 09. ????

The law authorizing the coupons contained a provision for additional
funding (additional coupons); I think you would be safer waiting.

While it's not the cheapest solution, the best solution really is to buy
a new digital (HD) TV set.  The difference in quality between NTSC TV
and HDTV is really staggering.  Note that in most stores, what you see
is not full HD digital TV, because most of the stores are using
component video (an analog technology) to feed their demo signals to the
display TV sets.  For many customers, the first time they will actually
see true HD all digital TV will be when they get it home, assuming that
they have a digital signal source.  Interestingly, almost half of the
people who buy new digital HDTVs don't have an HD signal source AND
DON'T KNOW THAT THEY DON'T HAVE IT and that they need it to see HDTV.

The NTSC analog standard was approved by the FCC before the Japanese
attacked Pearl Harbor (color was added in about 1953).  It has served us
well, but it's time to move on.

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