Re: Dell Inspiron 600m won't power up

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A little basic digital test meter would help, these are very cheap
these days, especially one with a bleeper or buzzer on to test for

A visual inspection would be the first thing, looking for cracks in
the board, or cracked connections around the soldered joints. This is
about the only thing you can do without a test meter, checking for
loose cables could also prove fruitful.

The power socket is a very good start, if it was plugged in when it
fell then there may well be damage around here with the solder
cracking around the edge of the lands (the print that is used as the
solder connection), a careful inspection with a magnifier glass
should reveal them.

To change the socket which sometimes comes loose with connecting and
un-connecting the power cord, you'll need a smallish fine tipped
soldering iron and you need to have a wee bit of experience as the
tracks are very fine and prolonged or too much heat could cause the
copper tracks to peel away making the situation worse.

Other than that it's a try this or try that situation hoping for the
best, extreme care must be used if testing with the power cord
connected, a test meter lead probe is big enough to short pins or
tracks out causing a severe burn up or component damage.


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