Re: Compaq 6820s

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What is a nap? You mean the hardware holding the HDD in place?

How did you fix it? use another cable? Replace the HDD?

What had happened? Did the HDD fall on the floor? Had the computer fallen to the

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Where did you buy the computer? Did you buy it yourself as new or was it second

Do you have the CDs/DVDs which came with the originally sold package?

In many cases the OS is on a special partition of the HDD as a "recovery"
version. In case the HDD is damaged, you have a big problem. To solve that you
need an external data carrier, like a CD.

How long did you use the computer? Is/was there important matieral on the HDD?

Are you acquainted with other OSes, like Win XP?

Win XP is a) better and b) easier to get than Vista.

Why do you want to use Windows on that computer?

One important problem to solve: The computer needs some special adaptation
(drivers, etc) of the OS. For that you ought to have a data carrier (CD) with
these drivers, perhaps some additional programs. Do you have that CD?

Buying a "normal" CD from M$ will not help you as on that data carrier there is
NO support for YOUR computer. Your still need thos extra drivers!

Did you go to the shop (?) where you bought the computer?

Perhaps they still have some data carriers which they could copy for you. This
is no infringement of copyright because you already paid for that OS and for
that additional driver stuff.

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