Re: Cakewalk Problem-"Me Too"-Help Please?

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I'm not sure why you are asking about this in this newsgroup, as your post
does not specifically apply to laptops, although of course one can use these
programs on a laptop or desktop. Newsgroups that discuss MIDI sequencers
like Cakewalk are, and You might want to
look at those NGs next time you wish to discuss MIDI programs.

Frankly, I doubt that is costing Microsoft a GREAT deal of revenue, people
who wish to use ancient versions of programs that don't work well in XP.
Most people update their software. (And in fact, most people don't buy
operating systems. They just use whichever one came on their computer. They
end up upgrading the OS when they buy a new computer, that has the new OS

Perhaps I missed something, but why are you using Cakewalk 6.0? That is an
ancient version, probably about ten years old. It kept going until version
9, then morphed into a new program, Sonar, which is now in its version 4.

Can you not afford the upgrade? They also have lower cost versions, such as
Cakewalk Home Studio, and Cakewalk Music Creator. They might not have all
the features of Sonar, but they will still have a lot of features not
present in Cakewalk 6. There have been a lot of advances in music technology
in the last ten years!

I actually stuck with the last Cakewalk version for a long time, Cakewalk
Pro Audio 9, before I recently upgraded to Sonar 4. I can tell you that
Cakewalk 9 works just fine in XP. In fact, I still have it installed on my
computer, along with Sonar.

I find that many programs that were written for Windows 95/98 work fine in
XP. (I can't say the same for hardware. If it doesn't have XP drivers,
hardware will not work in XP with 95/98/Me drivers.) In fact, I have even
used some old Windows 3.1 software on Win XP, and it worked. There may be
something wrong with your system configuration, that gives you problems in
running CW6 in XP.

But----why not upgrade?

Oh, I see you write that "Version 6 is VERY important to working
musicians as it is the BEST on stage product Cakewalk have". Well, I doubt
many musicians would agree with you, most CW users are not still using
Version 6. Again though, this NG isn't the best place to discuss this, as it
is not a music NG. I'd suggest you bring up your theory on the MIDI NGs I
mentioned, and see if there are many who agree with you. Also, you might
want to look at the excellent forums that Cakewalk has on their web site,

and discuss your idea with others there.

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Oh, please! How do you define a "couple of years"? A "couple" usually refers
to two years, sometimes that definition could be stretched to three, using
the word not as precisely. Is ten years a "couple"? Is any software company
still selling the same version from 10 years ago???

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Who is "you"? Do you think that in writing to comp.sys.laptops, that you are
writing to Bill Gates? ("You should be interested in selling your operating
system".) I guess it's possible that Billy is reading this newsgroup and
your post, but I doubt it. Again, I doubt Microsoft is losing any money due
to your having a problem running an ancient version of a program on a newer
OS. For one thing, they don't mainly sell Windows directly to consumers, but
to computer manufacturers. (I'm surprised you bought XP, if you mostly wish
to run programs created long before XP.) Most people update their software,
and are not trying to run versions of programs from 1995, when much newer
and improved versions are available, designed to work in XP. And you are not
writing "on behalf of" anyone but yourself. Again, I'd suggest you go to the
Cakewalk forum, and ask how many users are still using CW6!

If your programs run better on Win 98, you should go back to it. You should
have thought twice about buying XP, probably for an older computer that may
not be able to support it well (if you had a newer computer, it would have
come with XP, an OS already four years old.), and wanting to run old
programs not designed for XP. In a year or two, there will be a newer
version of Windows out. Perhaps you've learned your lesson--don't go out and
buy it, to use with a computer not designed for it, to use software not
designed for it. If you wish to stick with an old computer and old programs,
use the OS they were designed for.

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