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 > This is fine and should work with any soundcard with a Line-in
 > socket.... EXCEPT there are very likely to be major noise problems when
 > connecting any outside audio system to a laptop powered from a typical
 > laptop shash-generating power supply.

 > It would be well worth while trying anything first with the laptop on
 > mains, and then with it running on batteries, and then comparing the
 > recording quality.

I always have the laptop plugged in - I don't run it on batteries.

 > I still suspect that the OP has been connecting the line out of his
 > stereo system to a mono, low impedance, overloaded microphone input on
 > the laptop. Lots of people do that.

No, I've only done this with my desktop PC, an old Compaq Presario.
The quality of the mp3s I derived from that process has been acceptable.

I have not tried to do any digitizing on the laptop at all. I might not
ever do that, but I'd still like to have a good *listening* experience
on it!

 > It will be interesting to hear how well the Asus device works.

Thanks - I'll post about it when I try it.

Re: Adding external sound card to laptop writes
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Well, just to establish that the laptop power supply is not the problem,
I believe it is worth a try. If it is the power supply, you will need to
sort that side of things out anyway.

I hope all goes well.

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