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 > The quality of playback undoubtedly has more to do with the speakers
 > than with the sound card.

 > However, per your indication that you wanted to record, the internal
 > sound card probably has a poor signal-to-noise ratio, and also no line
 > input jacks.  For both of those reasons, an external sound card is not
 > inappropriate.  Alternatively, since the purpose of the recording is to
 > convert vinyl to digital audio, you might want to look into a USB
 > turntable. has had some of the ion models very inexpensively
 > recently ($59.95).

This is the software I'm using:

I can play a vinyl album (or cassette tape) and the software records
whatever one can hear through the computer's speakers.

Unfortunately, what I hear on my laptop sounds like crap. It's not
hissing, as someone else mentioned - the music is just very lacking in
depth. It's kind of like listening to a transistor radio or something.
Everything works, but why bother?

I set up the same thing on a desktop PC having a much better internal
sound card (Intel Integrated Audio), and the mp3s produced by mp3mymp3
software were very good quality. I wasn't recording a vinyl album, I
was testing one of the mp3s I brought with me on a thumb
drive. So I was just making a duplicate of the mp3 I'd brought along.
The copy sounded as good as the original. If I do this on my laptop,
the copy sounds bad. (Also, the nice desktop doesn't belong to me so
I can't use it very regularly.)

When I went searching for affordable external sound cards, many people
reviewing the different models made the comment that on-board sound chips/
cards that come with laptops are generally poor quality as far as really
good sound reproduction is concerned. I can't argue, since that is also my
experience, and now I know it's not just because I have a low-end laptop.

I'm not looking for professional quality, as I'm not making CDs of a live
performance, or DJ mixes, etc. I just want a good listening *and recording*


Re: Adding external sound card to laptop

There is another factor that you might not be taking into account.

The output from a microphone or cassette tape deck is "flat" ... each
frequency appears at the "correct" level.

However, when a phonograph recording is made, the recoding on the vinyl
is NOT "flat" ... it goes through a process called RIAA pre-emphasis in
which the recording is intentionally "distorted" before recording on the
vinyl, and then when the record is played back, the playback device
(normally the phono pre-amp, or the phono inputs of a modern stereo
receiver) introduce an exactly opposite distortion so that the overall
results of the recording "distortion" and the playback "distortion" are
a "flat" overall response.

But if you feed a phono cartridge into a straight, flat amplifier (for
example, the microphone inputs of anything), it's going to sound like
crap, because the recording "pre-emphasis" will not have been undone by
the playback "de-emphasis".

You may be treating a turntable as a flat, albeit low-level audio
source.  It is not; it is a custom device that MUST be processed through
an amplifier or preamplifier that, in the process, properly applies
playback "de-emphasis" to the signal.  The PHONO inputs of phono
pre-amps and "receivers" does this, but other inputs do not, and, in
particular, NO inputs of ANY computer sound card do this.  You need to
drive a sound card from the output of a pre-amp or receiver that has a
proper phono input, you cannot just connect a turntable to a sound
card's low-level input and record it.  It will sound like crap. wrote:
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Re: Adding external sound card to laptop


Quoted text here. Click to load it

Record turntables are usually high impedance devices.  All sound inputs on
any computer are low impedance inputs.  I want you to plug the turntable
and cassette deck into a regular stereo receiver/amp in their proper
inputs.  Then, record on the laptop with the LINE OUT of the stereo plugged
into the LINE IN/Mic IN jack on the laptop....This will match the input and
let us control the rolloff (tone) of the music fed to the laptop.

You may be operating into a bad impedance match the way you have it....


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Re: Adding external sound card to laptop

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Re: Adding external sound card to laptop

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Re: Adding external sound card to laptop


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I've decided to worship Thor.  My god has a hammer and isn't
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Re: Adding external sound card to laptop wrote:
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Unless you have very rare vinyl or high quality vinyl playback
equipment, I'd not bother. There are loads of avenues to find music
already digitised on the net, and a lot are free (depending on your
definition of free). Considering you actually own the LPs, who cares
where you pinch the digital replacement MP3 file?

The audio inputs of Laptop 'soundcards' are heavily slugged down with
rolloff filters to avoid interference pickup, and for power consumption
reasons, the low voltage chips used ain't capable of rapid changes of
dynamics choosing to distort instead.

USB external is the way to go (see my other post).

Adrian C

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