Re: Acer laptop will not start.

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I`ve been away but have now tried the above suggestions; results follow:
1) Try removing the HD
Done, no change.
2) Defective CDROM
Done, no change.
3) Defective Cable
No cables, no bent pins, devices connect to M/B via plugs/sockets.
4) Defective IDE port
Boot from USB is not a BIOS choice, HD is readable via ext. USB box.
5) Defective BIOS settings
No Failsafe option, reset to Factory Default (Set-up) done, no change.
6) Defective memory
Memory swapped, both OK.

I forgot to mention that when opening-up the laptop, I found 2 loose items;
a screw from the cooling trunking was rolling around and a piece of spongy
metallised material had dislodged and come to rest by the audio circuitry.
As large areas of the M/B are protected by a plastic sheet it is not too
likely -  but not impossible- that these have caused a short-circuit

Any further thoughts welcomed.


Re: Acer laptop will not start.

Everything points to a bad IDE port (which is effectively a bad

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