RAM upgrade for Acer Aspire 3023wlmi

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Hi everyone
I posted this in another group but havent received any answers..maybe
here i ll have better luck..here it goes...
I have this laptop and i would like to upgrade its RAM from 512Mb
(2x256Mb modules) to 1Gb (2x512Mb modules). I am considering to buy
online from crucial, however in the memory selector tool, the series
3020 does not appear. The closest one that shows is the 3000 series.
Does anyone know if these two series (3000 and 3020) use exactly the
same type
of memory modules. Also apart from crucial, do u recommend any other
online store in uk to look there for the memory upgrade?
Thank u in advance for any suggestions

Re: RAM upgrade for Acer Aspire 3023wlmi

Email Crucial - they respond to emails, though not necessarily
immediately. And, FWIW, my experience with Crucial UK is very positive.

Re: RAM upgrade for Acer Aspire 3023wlmi

On Wed, 07 Dec 2005 03:56:11 -0800, john.fystikis wrote:

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I cannot help on where to purchase the RAM upgrade in the UK, but I can
tell you that Kingston RAM works in the Acer Aspire 3000 series laptops. I
addition, I believe both the 3000 series and 3020 series Acer laptops use
the same type/speed of RAM.

I have an Acer Aspire 3002LCi laptop and added an additional 1GB stick of
Kingston PC2700 SoODIMM DDR RAM to my laptop & had no problems.  I left
the original 256MB RAM in the first slot and added the 1GB RAM to the 2nd
slot.  Then when I rebooted, everything was ok.  The total 1.2GB of RAM
was seen correctly by the OS.

You should be able to do the same thing.  Purchase a single 1GB stick of
PC2700 SoDIMM DDR RAM (rated @ 333Mhz).  Then pull out the top 256MB stick
of RAM and inser the 1GB stick of RAM in it's place.  Close the cover and
reboot.  Everything should be OK at that point.  The laptop will register
a total of 1.2GB of RAM, and your OS will register that total amount (less
whatever you set for use with the shared video card RAM).

I Hope this helps...

Re: RAM upgrade for Acer Aspire 3023wlmi

Thank u for your suggestions,
I indeed emailed crucial uk and they replied promtly..the 3020 series
uses the same modules as the 3000 series.
I also checked kingston but they are so much more expensive...the 512Mb
crucial module costs 40 uk pounds...the 512Mb kingston module costs 70
uk pounds....almost twice as much.
Maybe kingston is better but this price difference i think is just too

Re: RAM upgrade for Acer Aspire 3023wlmi

john.fystikis@easy.com wrote:
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Just so that you don't feel that you are compromising anything, I
wouldn't make that assumption. Crucial has proven itself repeatedly in
independent tests. My opinion is that this is one outfit that gives you
a quality product at good prices. Very unusual.

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