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I bought a new thinkpad T60, but I want to add more RAM to the existing
512 MB.

Does the clockspeed of the upgrade has to match the existing RAM?
Is there any difference between brand-new vs. used RAM that I am
thinking of buying from eBay?
Does the brand of the RAM matter at all?


Re: RAM Upgrade

My Acer 3610WLMi has one bank 512Mb 400MHz DDRII PC3200 installed. Would
fitting another 512Mb but rated at 533MHz PC4200 cause any problems? I can
get this for about 24 locally whereas it's twice as much elsewhere. Thank

Re: RAM Upgrade

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The RAM will only work at the speed supported by the motherboard.  If your
motherboard supports RAM at 533 MHz, the RAM will work at that speed.  You
should always match your RAM, whenever possible.  Don't mix RAM from
different manufacturers, if you can avoid it.  I would simply purchase RAM
that matches what came in your Acer to be safe.

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Re: RAM Upgrade

Most memory is "backwards compatible" to lower speeds.

Kevin wrote:

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Re: RAM Upgrade

It would probably work ... can't be absolutely sure.

But using two dissimilar models will probably prevent dual-channel
operation.  You might want to see if this module works, and if it does,
buy two of them, then sell the current module on E-Bay.  Of course if
you laptop doesn't support dual channel operation to begin with, it's a
moot point.

JackN wrote:
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Re: RAM upgrade

aslsj@yahoo.com wrote:
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Another question you might be wanting to ask is,
"for the specific applications I'll be running, will I even notice
the increased ram?"

I see people every day who think they can pour money into their computer
and make it surf the web fasterer.  Often, the answer is, "Go spend the
money on something you'll really enjoy, like hookers, booze and bail bond."

Re: RAM upgrade

mike wrote:
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If you ruined my keyboard, I'll be sending you a bill!  Stop that sort of
unexpected stuff :-)~  !

YOu're absolutely right, though.

Re: RAM upgrade

mike wrote:
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Not a word you come across, very often! <g>


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