RAM backward compatible?

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Just curious?  How far backward compatible is PC5300 667mhz RAM? Can they
run even on PC2700 333mhz laptops?  How much faster is 667 over 533mhz RAM?
Thanks ahead.


Re: RAM backward compatible?

Michael wrote:

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Most laptops are very fussy about ram.  You will be very lucky to run
another speed of ram . You might also do damage as the different speeds
require different voltages that your laptop may not be able to provide.


Re: RAM backward compatible?

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What technology is each one?  You'll probably find that the PC5300 RAM
is DDR2, while the PC2700 is DDR (also called DDR1).  If so, they are
utterly and completely incompatible with each other.

Within one technology, you should be able to use faster RAM than
required for your computer, eg. using 800 MHz DDR2 in a machine that
needs 667 MHz DDR2.

Trivia: the actual RAM chips in DDR2 667 MHz and DDR1 333 MHz modules
are being clocked at the same rate.  But DDR2 has the interface
electronics running at twice the clock rate.  Access time for both is
the same, but data bandwidth is double for DDR2.


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