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Can somebody recommend a manufacturer or model of ultra-QUIET notebook
computers? I am looking for a relatively high perfornance PC laptop
(2GB memory, 2GHz, 100+GB harddrive...) that runs quiet and cool. I
know Macs are the quietest laptops out there, but would like to avoid
switching platforms from PC. I have developed an auditory sensitivity
to electronic high frequency sounds because of the constant whirring
clicking and grinding of my MPC 2200, and need to find a silent running
solution. I also have a PC cooler platform and it provides only modest
improvement. Solution is a new system.

Recommendations? Typical computer review sites do not mention the noise
factor in their evaluations.

cheers  dsg

Re: *QUIET* laptop

dsg wrote:
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Noise corresponds almost perfectly to battery life (which review sites
*do* mention).

Besides choosing the right model, configuring it for optimal battery
life will also reduce noise, e.g. select the lowest clockspeed for CPU
and GPU, and the hottest fan settings.

Sorry I'm not recommending a model.  I hoped my new T60 would be as
cool, long-running and quiet as my old T40, but it is not.

Re: *QUIET* laptop

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I find my samsung q35 and my olde Acer Travelmate 800 are v. quiet. The fan
never seems to come on with the Q35 (and battery life is v. good) and only
occasionally on the Acer

John Blessing

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