Quiet Laptop?

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Hi, I am just about to buy a Laptop.
This might sound like a strange question, but it's very important that the
fans/drives etc are very quiet as machine will be used in a recording studio
situation. Are there any that you would recommend above others for this

Thanks, Dazz.

Re: Quiet Laptop?

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All of them are likely fine, if you turn off the fan and the drive.  You
can do that easily (for example by running the processor at half speed,
using RAM instead of disk, or using a disk mounted remotely and
elsewhere, or even a 1G - raided - flash memory device, ahem). But I
doubt you will need to,  provided you avoid a hot and heavy "speed"

If it's crucial to you to have no noise, you will probably have to put
some effort in there somewhere in order to modify the running parameters
to your requirements!

And there are people who sell silent laptops, just as there are people
who sell fast (hence hot and/or noisy) laptops. It's a design choice
and a buy choice. You have to exercise your part of that freedom!


Re: Quiet Laptop?

The only noises that ever come out of my laptop are the fan kicking on
when it gets too hot and the cd drive when its burning a cd. Other than
that all you would hear is the subtle noise of the clicking of the

My suggestion on it being completely silent....get a desktop computer
and put it outside the room and have only the monitor and
keyboard/mouse(possibly wireless too) in the room with you. This way it
will be impossible for any computer noises!!!!!

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