Question about general impression on laptops quality...

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I have very general question to all of You about your impression
on quality of modern laptops.

In past time laptops were expensive, heavy with very limited features
but they were very reliable. I still keep my old Hitachi laptop with
Mobile Pentium 200MHz - unbreakable keyboard, clear screen with out any
dead pixels, with new battery it runs almost 5h (with Damn Small Linux).
It is used in lab to test routers and optical switches via COM port.

I look at new laptops and they are cheap (below $700) full of bells,
whistles, water falls, and other features but at the same time quality
of materials and assembly is very poor.
Experience of mine and my friends with new laptops:
Keyboard in new Toshiba looks like it just was going fall off,
Screen in new Gateway got blank after 2 weeks
Wireless in new Compaq is broken after 1 week.
SD media reader in HP stopped working after 1 month.
The largest number of complains I hear from Dell users - it seems that
Dell is an extraordinary junk.

Is it true that laptop makers don't care about quality anymore because
users will change machines every year?

For about last 5 years the only laptop that seemed to be reliable and
quality assembled was MacBook.

As You have experience with different brands, could You please share
your inpressions about laptop quality ?


Re: Question about general impression on laptops quality...

On Feb 22, 10:47 am, Gomez Adams
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I've noticed this too, especially with the consumer-grade notebooks
sold at the mass merchandisers and through the office supply stores.
However, I've had excellent luck with the HP Business-grade notebooks
sold directly from HP's website.  They aren't loaded with bells and
whistles, but have decent build quality and are reliable.  I've also
had excellent results with IBM/Lenovo ThinkPads.   If you keep an eye
on Lenovo's website, you can make excellent deals on either current
models, or one's they are discontinuing.  Typically, their keyboards
are the best in the business, and they're also quite reliable.
Another option with the IBM/Lenovo line is buying an off-lease or
refurb unit.  A number of online retailers, and eBay sellers, sell
refurbed off-lease units, or simply overstock units.   They are a
great deal, especially if you are looking for a reliable business-
oriented notebook.  IBM/Lenovo notebooks certainly aren't fancy (all
black), or loaded with bells and whistles, but most of the models are
"road warrior proven."

Re: Question about general impression on laptops quality...

One thing I've gotten very familiar with is the quality of the laptop's DC
power jack, having had 3 such problems in rapid succession on the same
Toshiba laptop.
   See this site for a review of the issue:
   There are lots of illustrations & some videos.   The run of the mill
jacks are compared to the Lenovo and Apple power jacks so you can see for
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Re: Question about general impression on laptops quality...

Art wrote:
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I use Thinkpads, which are fairly sturdy in this area, but for routine
use, I also use a 'sacrificial' serial cable which I cut to about 10
inches; I screw the connector into the serial port and wrap the power
cord with the now-cut tail, and use this as a strain relief.  It ties up
neatly to the magnetic torroid-thing, so the power cord is never pulled
at the jack (until I'm ready to take the laptop somewhere, of course).

This way I can put the unit on my lap and not worry about repetitive
strain on the jack / plug / motherboard.

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