Question about DVI output & HDTV

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Hi, I'm a bit confused about DVI. I have a 52" 1080p Mitsubishi (model #
WD-52631) DLP
HDTV and the only way to connect to a pc is via the DVI-I input (it specifically
says in the manual
not to connect via HDMI). I've been browsing PC laptops to use on my TV (via
DVI-I), and the only
ones I find say DVI out. My question is, will DVI out connect to DVI-I? If not
how do I get this
to work?

Also, I've read some things about HDTV supporting the resolution of the laptop
and to make
sure you get one that is compatible with your TV. What would the laptop's
resolution need to be
 to be able to display on my TV @ 1080p?

Sorry if this sounds garbled, but I'm confused and haven't been able to find any
answers. Thanks!


Re: Question about DVI output & HDTV

Go ahead and try DVI first, but if it's not satisfactory, I'd ignore the
"do not connect via HDMI" and use a DVI to HDMI adapter (or adapter
cable).  DVI and HDMI are pretty much the same thing as far as video is
concerned (an HDMI cable also carries audio, but that's usually not an
issue when connecting a PC ... most TVs can use HDMI for video and a set
of RCA jacks for audio, as many cable boxes have DVI out also, with
audio on separate RCA jacks).  You can get cables with a DVI plug at one
end and an HDMI cable at the other end (try

Resolution is another issue.  1080p is 1920x1080 resolution, but if you
run the computer at that resolution, you will lose the edges of the
image due to overscan.  The best solution is to create a custom
resolution slightly (3% to 5%) less than 1920x1080 that fits the screen
without overscan.  This can be time consuming, however, and the TV may
not accept it anyway.  Also, some TVs will only accept 1080i, not 1080p,
through some of their inputs (and your set may be one of these).

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