problems with screen resolution fit in window

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I own a SONY VAIO SZ1*XP/C notebook and I'd like to know if it is
possible to personalize screen resolution. My problem is that using
1280x800 the screen fits perfectly onto the window but that resolution
is too small for me, because of that I prefer 1024x600, but the problem
is that the screen doesn't fit right vertically, and there two black
bands of aprox 0.5cm on top and bottom of the window. That's strange
because 1024x768 fits perfectly vertically but not horitzontally.
Whatsmore, I don't know how to 'save' my brightness settings because
every time Windows boots I have to reset those settings manually.
Thank you very much!

Re: problems with screen resolution fit in window

Al wrote:
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You are out of luck! Most, if not all, notebook LCDs have a fixed
resolution.  You can select another lower resolution, but it will not be
"focused" and crisp.  You have a widescreen, approx 1.6W x 1.0H.
Traditional LCDs are 4:3 or 1.33W x 1.0H. Any other setting will do what
you describe.

Your brightness is saved in the Sony PowerPanel settings (AC power vs.
Battery).  PowerPanel is in the system bar at the lower right of the
screen. Right-click to change settings, or access Control Panel/PowerPanel.

I am assuming that Sony still uses PowerPanel for their
power/brightness/CPU power settings.


Re: problems with screen resolution fit in window

The answer to this is complex, because your question touches on quite a
few things, and I doubt that you really understand the full complexity
of the issue or of a complete answer.

First, the screen has a physical resolution, and it can't be changed (by
you or anyone else .... not even Microsoft or Sony).  It's really pretty
essential that you operate at the physical resolution.  Operation at
other resolutions is certainly possible (you've been playing with it),
but will require scaling and will, in general, look like crap.

Second, your screen also has a fixed aspect ratio, in this case probably
1.6:1 (I say probably because there are screens made in which the
horizontal and vertical pixel pitches are different, making the aspect
ratio different from the ratio of the horizontal resolution to the
vertical resolution.  But this is extremely rare in laptop screens,
although I've seen it in a number of HDTV sets).  You can fill the
screen without bars on either the sides or the top & bottom as long as
the resolution's aspect ratio matches the screen's aspect ration
(presumably 1.6:1).  However, rule 1 in the previous paragraph still

What you really want to do is just leave everything alone as far as
resolution and aspect ratio are concerned and just tell Windows to scale
EVERYTHING larger.  You can do this in display properties, but you don't
do it by changing resolution or font sizes or icon sizes.  In display
properties, settings / advanced / general, then in the top half of the
window (Display), under "DPI Settings", select "custom setting" and drag
the ruler to make things bigger (e.g. make one-inch actually take up
more than one inch).

Al wrote:

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Re: problems with screen resolution fit in window

Hi Barry,
I've tried what you said (native resolution 1280x800 and 120% DPI) but
I'm still experimenting problems. All seems to be larger but there is a
loss of quality for example in icons, although not all icons are being
scaled. Also Firefox aspect remains the same as before while browsing
webpages, and Windows also have some problems while spacing some
On the other hand, I've found an option to scale 1024x600 to fit the
window size, but as you said before, there is a little loss of quality
and colours seem to be smoother.
Thanks again

Barry Watzman ha escrito:

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Re: problems with screen resolution fit in window

any idea about working with native resolution preserving my eyes?
Al ha escrito:

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