problems with new Samsung r780

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I bought the Samsung R780 about two weeks ago and its starting to freeze
up already. This experience isnt new to me either, I actually returned
my earlier R780 because of the problem.

Anyways, on this computer i decided to only install very well know
programs ie: itunes steam things like that, well it still froze. I did a
full system restore and only installed Noroton security, and Spyware
search and destroy.

Yet again it feezes up. I have done many regesitry cleaners, virus and
spyware sweeps, disc defragements, i wanted to see if it was the
temperature and i walked in today my room maybe 60 degree F and turned
it on for the first time today and it froze within 5 minutes.

I have done both Samsung and Norton system diagnostic tests, nothing
wrong with that either.

I just did a harddisk scan and every thing is alright there. I dont
know what else to do. Out of the 40 reviews on best buy there are none
that say there is a feezing issue, so do i just have terrible luck or

Re: problems with new Samsung r780

Any one got an idea?

Re: problems with new Samsung r780

jeesers typed on Sun, 2 May 2010 20:38:02 -0500:
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Yes I do! I was researching this for hours yesterday. And I couldn't
find people complaining about this either.

One thing I believe everybody should have is an utility to measure CPU
temperature. I like BattStat v0.98 myself. Although I don't think your
problem is due from overheating. But it wouldn't be a bad idea to check
anyway. /

And second of all, you have to be very careful with registry cleaners.
As they have a habit of breaking things and can cause the problem you
are having.

And iTunes and Norton both have been known to cause Windows to crash and
freeze. So I would remove them and see if the problem disappears.

Other than that, I would restore it back to the factory state, don't add
any new programs or anything. Okay a antivirus checker like Avast would
be a very good idea if you plan on going on the web. And run it as is
and see if the problem is still there.

If it is, try running something completely different like a live version
of Linux on CD. That way you don't touch anything on your hard drive at
all. Don't install it, just run from the CD itself. If the problem is
still there. It must be a hardware problem.

Say you are not using it on a bed or something which is blocking the
cooling vents or something, are you?

Gateway M465e ('06 era) - Windows XP SP3

Re: problems with new Samsung r780

On 5/3/2010 4:29 PM, BillW50 wrote:
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Any more specific use you can think of for a laptop, Bill? :-). I am not
an imaginative person ...

More seriously, obviously the first thing to do is restoring the machine
to its ouf of the factory state. Check it thoroughly without adding
anything (any AV will be a good excuse for the vendor) and in doubt,
return it before it's too late.
John Doue

Re: problems with new Samsung r780

Thats dedication Bill, and i appreciate it a lot. I posted this on
other websites and no help.

My laptop stays on my desk 99% of the time, sometimes i'll move it to
kitchen but then its on a table top.

Ill check these out and let you know, and thanks a lot!

Re: problems with new Samsung r780

Not that this will be of any help, but I've had the same problem,
although for
me it has only crashed when either listening to music or
watching a video. At
first it was infrequent but it has become more
frequent and I am surprised my
hard drive hasn't died yet from all the
times I've had to turn it off. Any ideas
what it might be? I've only had
the laptop for 4 months.

Re: problems with new Samsung r780

I have a similar problem as well.

So you guys have resolved the problem ? Or this is hardware problem ?
I only face this problem only when I watch a movie. Sometimes it

So Is that a temperature problem ?

Re: problems with new Samsung r780

Hi guys again,

It seems I've found the reason of the problem.
But the source of the problem is battery I think.
When the power of my laptop is connected everything is great: no
freezes, cpu temperature is 33-35 degrees Celsius.

But once I disconnect the power supply It starts heating and
immediately becomes 39-41 degrees Celsius. So freezes start as well ...

So question is that a PSU(Power supply unit) problem(bad battery or
with deffect... or stuff like that)

Or this is a whole laptop cooling system problem ?

Re: problems with new Samsung r780

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    Short in the battery.

Re: problems with new Samsung r780

On 2011-01-26, Lou Marco wrote:
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