Problems connecting laptop to existing broadband

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OK, when I had only a desktop system, I traveled with it and never had
a problem unplugging a family members braodband/ethernet cable and
plugging mine in.  Why can't I get that to work on my laptop?
It tells me limited connectivity every time, but will connect to
Idleaire broadband with no problem at all.  I am automatically
detecting ip address, etc.

Thanks in advance for any advice!


Re: Problems connecting laptop to existing broadband

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Sorry, but my crystal ball is a little cloudy today...

What is the operating system that you use?
Laptop type..?
Network adapter type..?
You mean it will connect wirelessly but not over a wire (that would be a clue,
it..?)  If so, did you try to configure your wired connection using the laptop's
networking connection applet?

And last but not least, you mean you often travel with your desktop, too..?

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Re: Problems connecting laptop to existing broadband

My apologies, I was a bit frustrated and tired when I typed that out,
didn't think it through!!

The laptop I have is a Pavilion zv6000 and runs Windows XP.  I have
used Windows ME since it came out and was completely happy with it, but
when I went to buy my laptop, I discovered I would have to take XP and
start learning it.  I had used other computers with XP on them, but not
to a great degree, so am only passing familiar with the differences.  I
do get connected with my wireless access with no problem, and I have
used the ethernet access at IdleAire stations before with no problem so
I am certain the hardware is in working condition but I am apparently
missing some setting or protocol or something.  I did travel with my
desktop before I purchased the laptop and would frequently carry it
into someones home to disconnect their ethernet card and plug into the
card on my desktop.  I never had a problem accessing the internet that
way, it always came up just as it had on their desktop.  I have tried
deleting the connection and reconfiguring it, I have checked all the
settings that I know to check to make sure I am automatically detecting
ip addresses, gateway addresses, etc.

My ethernet card is a Realtek RTL8139/810x and my wireless card is a
Broadcom 802.11.

Both are enabled and in perfect working condition.  I have not
installed anything new relating to either of them since purchasing the
laptop two months ago.

Thanks for any help or advice - I have tried the HP and microsoft
sites, but keep getting wireless info instead of ethernet info so I
must be searching for the wrong thing. At least in their eyes!


Re: Problems connecting laptop to existing broadband

if your using wireless and want to go hardwire you have to enable the

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