Problem with video on Satellite 1415 w. nVidia GeForce

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I have a Toshiba Satellite 1415 S173 with nVidia GeForce4 420 video. It
stopped panning when I set the resolution above the native resolution
(1024x768) - say to 1280x1024 or higher. That is, it no longer pan across
the screen when the mouse cursor goes beyond the edge of the screen.

I have tried reinstalling the driver without success. What happens is that
the cursor leaves the "real" screen area and yet the screen no longer pans.

I have played with every control on the unit and have failed to re-enable
panning. Panning suddenly stopped a few days ago - at the time I was trying
to fix a mouse problem which has since been fixed.

I would appreciate any help, the laptop is out of warranty and TOshiba wants
money to help.

Thank you

Re: Problem with video on Satellite 1415 w. nVidia GeForce

mmmmmmmm wrote:
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First boot into BIOS Setup (F2, Del, esc, or whatever key Toshiba uses)
and check the settings for the display and the video adapter. Anything
having to do with panning particularly. Also, check that you haved the
correct default monitor (laptop display panel at 1024x768 if that is
native) in device manager.  It might have somehow become 1280x1024 and
the video adapter is confused about the size and refuses to pan.  Also,
if there is a Toshiba setup utility for things like port settings,
mouse, display, etc., you might access that although generally (based on
older Toshibas) it simply accesses the same settings as BIOS Setup.

If you find nothing there that helps, then try removing the video
adapter itself (not just uninstalling the driver) and its software (if
any) from add/remove programs.  Reboot to standard vga and check device
manager-view hidden devices - for any remnants of anything nvidia and
remove.  Again check that the monitor is correctly reported as 1024x768.
Reboot once again and reinstall the video driver and software exactly as
the readme or release notes require.


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