Problem with Thinkpad 600E screen

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The type no. is 2645-4AU. Here is a description of the problem.

Basically, there are four things the screen is doing as follows:
1) It goes very dark, but not completely off. When it does this I can
still see a few pixel rows across the screen
2) It goes completely white.
3) It operates with distorted colors. Hard to describe in words, like
the screen has some acid washing done to the colors. (A friend of mine
actually thought I had changed the display settings to operate like
this.) Also, There is a distinct transition exactly in the middle of
the screen where the problem is noticeably worse on the left then the
right half of the screen.
4) It will operate as in 3) but will be frozen. i.e. I can see the
image but my mouse cursor won't move.

Now, this is what I think is the key clue to the problem:

When I press the left side of the screen from the rear the problems
disappear, even the freezing. To be more specific, I press about
1-1/2" from the left edge, mid-way up the height of the screen.
Basically I grab the left side of the screen and press my fingers on
the back.

Since the problems disappear when I press the screen, in the position
that I described, it seems it might be a problem with the LCD panel or
a connector. But the fact that the screen freezes makes me think that
the problem may be with the invertor or something.

So, my first question is, does anyone know which component I should

I figure I is probably the LCD panel that is at fault so this is what
I am preparing to replace. However, IBM lists three makes for the LCD
panel these are:
DBU 05K9398
Hitachi 05K9346
LG 05K9367

So, my second question is, can I use any of these three LCD panels or
do I have to get the exact same make as is currently in the laptop?


Re: Problem with Thinkpad 600E screen

I have the same exact model. Try these things in order:

1. Remove about 11 screws from the bottom of the unit and then take off
the keyboard assembly and bezel. There are a couple of connectors that
has to be unplugged. Once the display connectors are exposed, check the
one on the left. This connector is power for the inverter. It is
screwed down, but maybe cocked loose. On the right there is the "data"
connector. It is the one that gives info/data ohn your LCD, not related
at all with brightness. It too should be pushed down and tight.

2. You can power on the unit with keyboard off. It should lite up and
gives keyboard/mouse error message. Thats ok. The idea is to check the
display lamps/CCFL and inverter. If it lights up and then go dark, then
you have inverter/CCFL problem. If it stays lit, then you have the LCD
intermittent problem whyihc could be a bear to fix. Inverter is about
$15 at eBay. CCFL is about $10 at, but they are a bear to
install. The lamp is fragile.

3. Buy a good used display assembly. Plenty on eBay. Just make sure it
is the one for your unit. They are ueasy to install. Mine is 13.3"
TFT/active matrix display.

I suggest you bid a "known" good display assembly on eBay and and be
sure it says TFT or active matrix. If the screen lite's up
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Re: Problem with Thinkpad 600E screen

The 600(x) just had different LCD mfgr's but are all interchangeable - as long
as - they are the same size.  If it's a 13.3", the replacement has to be a
13.3".  Remove the LCD bezel and check the inverter first.  You can run the
laptop with the bezel off, just dont poke at it with your fingers or anything
metal :)  Make sure the ribbon cables are secure.  If you're able to get the
screen to work right by applying pressure to the inverter, it's probably the
connections.  Inverters are fairly cheap, abt $15.  LCD's for the 600 series are
running abt $75-$90.  Replacement is fairly easy.

For 'dedicated and educated' Thinkpad help, look into ibm.ibmpc.thinkpad


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Re: Problem with Thinkpad 600E screen

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Re: Problem with Thinkpad 600E screen

Well, I figured one of us would be 'just next door' for help :)  But I - was -
thinkin of you as the educated one!


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Ha Haaaa, I fixed it!!!!!!!! Conclusion: LG makes crap electronics

I took off the bezel and removed the LCD panel. With the LCD out, I
inspected exactly where I needed to press on the back of the panel to make
the screen operate properly. I discovered that I needed to press in an area
covered by a plastic film which was glued down. The film actually has
written on it, "DO NOT PRESS HERE". A lot of good that warning does as of
course it can't be seen when the panel is installed.

I peeled up the plastic film and low and behold I discoved that where I was
pressing was exactly in the location of a small connector. The connector is
about 1 cm wide and is part of the panel assembly. After un-connecting the
connector, fiddling with it and reconnecting it several times I realized
that the connector was not holding the mating leads together properly. I
rediscovered that when I was pressing on the back of the panel I was
providing clamping force to the connector to re-establish contact between
the leads.

To fix the problem I gave the small leads from one side of the connection a
bit of a curl so that they would be pushed into the mating leads. Then
re-connected the connector. The panel worked normally at this point. As a
preventative measure to help ensure the connector always has enough clamping
force I stuck some foam tape, about 2mm thick on the plastic film directly
above where the connector is. When the panel is re-installed the foam tape
will press against the lid and provide a bit of clamping force on the

FYI the specs on the panel are:

Manufacturer: LG
Model: LPI133X3
IBM P/N: 05K9516
FRU P/N: 05K9519

The problem connector was a clamping type connector that relies on clamping
the leads together to maintain contact. It seems to be a poor selection of
connector for this application IMO as it appears that it would be prone to
loosing contact when it is pressed and released repeatedly. Being that it is
on the back of the LCD panel they should have selected a connector that
could withstand this kind of condition. The main connector that IBM provides
to the LCD is of a different style. It is soldered to the lead from the main
board and it appears it would be able to withstand repeaded pressing against
it. The problem connector LG used did not require soldering to the leads on
one side.

In my opinion LG cheaped out when desgning the panel. They selected a
connector that did not require soldering of the leads to one end of the
connector, thus bringing their manufaturing costs down. However, this was at
the expense of having a connector that would be prone to failure due likely
hood that it would be repeatedly pressed accidentily. I am not impressed
with LG.


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